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Syrp Makes Time-Lapse More Dynamic

Syrp logoSyrp does motion control for time-lapse. Their consumer aimed products speed up the process of making time-lapse video and and also makes it easy for people to use. Anyone who can take a good nature photo can easily turn that into a time-lapse movie.

Jamie and Daniel spoke with Syrp Director Chris Thomson at CES 2016. Chris demonstrated how to use Syrp’s Genie mini and the app that connects to it. The Genie mini is an extremely easy-to-use device for motion time-lapse or video.

Plug the Genie mini into your DSLR camera, or use it on your GoPro. It will rotate and periodically take photos. At the end of the sequence, you compile those photos into a motion time-lapse. The device is controlled by an app that is available for both iOS and Android. The Genie mini is available now for $249.

Jamie Davis is the host of Health Tech Weekly which can be found at HTWeekly.com. He is a nurse, paramedic, and health journalist.

Daniel J Lewis dares you to get started in podcasting with The Audacity to Podcast.

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