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Neat Connect: Direct to Cloud Scanners


Chris Barber of Neat joined our TPN CES live broadcast with the newest models at the show. He showed us the Neat Connect: Direct to Cloud scanner. You don’t need any computer to connect to. You can scan business cards, receipts and more to cloud based drives.

Simply place the paper in the scanner area, hit scan and check out the preview. When ready, send to whatever service you use. You can crop or adjust before you send out.

The scanner can handle 15 cards or receipts at a time. You can also scan up to 50 pages, when detaching the adapter plate.

Anything you need to scan – recipes, cards, and more. With intelligent parsing, they are working on OCR technology to recognize text on cards and receipts so you don’t need to create your own spreadsheets.

More information, head to neat.com


Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and Daniel J. Lewis of The Audacity to Podcast

AlessiTab Brings Tablets to the Kitchen


Most of the tablets we saw at CES were meant to be for those on the go. The AlessiTab is actually meant to stay in the home – The Kitchen to be exact. It’s unique design automatically acts as a stand in multiple variations. The AlessiTab sets on a charging pad so you can keep the device ready for use.

Running on Android, the AlessiTab can hold all your favorite recipes, video on how to make favorite dishes or just to surf the internet. Use the tablet to remote control the TV or better yet, pull out the antenna and the AlessiTab also becomes a Digital TV receiver.

The Italian design makes it a sleek and stylish item to have around the house. The gravitational center knows which way the tablet is set.

Interview by Jeffrey Powers: Geekazine

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