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Bitdefender BOX Protects the Smart Home at CES

With the arrival of the Internet of Things, installing antivirus software on a PC isn’t going address malware lurking on a smart home control unit. A different approach is needed and Bitdefender’s BOX might be the solution. Dan talks to Todd about what Box offers over traditional security products.

The Bitdefender Box is a small hardware device which is connected into a free port on the main router – it’s similar in size to the control units for SmartThings or Hue. Once configured via Bitdefender’s Central Account or the companion smartphone app, it monitors the network traffic for suspicious activity. Box provides several layers of security over and above standard antivirus with everything from URL filtering to anomaly detection.

Bitdefender Box is available now for US$129 in the first year, with an annual subscription of $99. The next gen Box is expected in the summer, priced at $199. Box is currently only available in the USA.

Todd Cochrane is the host of the twice-weekly Geek News Central Podcast at GeekNewsCentral.com.

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Tablo for TV Cord Cutters Wins TPN Innovator Pick Award at CES

top-logoAll your local TV stations in North America carry over-the-air HD programming to your homes for free. Now with the Tablo HD DVR box, you can get your local TV recorded and then play those recordings back on any device in the house. Take your favorite local shows and sports with you. Tablo combines the convenience of a DVR with the mobility of your tablet, smartphone, and laptop to let you enjoy HDTV anytime, anywhere. Unleash your HDTV with Tablo.

Grant from TabloTV.com joins Geek News Central host Todd Cochrane and Audacity to Podcast host Daniel J. Lewis to pick up the first annual TPN Picks award in person. The full team from TPN.tv (Tech Podcast Network) scoured the show floor and thousands of exhibits to find the best and brightest new tech gadgets and services to bring to you. From the 200+ companies that made the final cut, only 10 were awarded the cherished TPN Picks award.

Find out more about their set-top box at TabloTV.com.