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Mophie Chargers for iPhone4 at CES 2011

Mophie was displaying their latest chargers for the iPhone4 at CES 2011. Many of you may recall the trouble I had with the 3G version of Mophie charger where the charging connection was not as robust as it should be. In the iPhone4 design they have reworked the design and location of the charging connection. Talking with the representative that was at CES, I was pleased to find out that they also re-enforced the area in and around the charging plug that gave so many of us issues in the past.

Overall the new design is sleeker and fits the new iPhone4 in a way that really makes you see that they spent a lot of time on designing the latest charger.

Mophie has also expanded into a line of accessories for the iPad which are sleek and stylish. You can find more details about Mophie at Mophie.com

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