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Lumo Lift Wearable Device Helps You Improve Your Posture at CES

Lumo Lift Posture & Fitness Device

Jamie Davis, the Podmedic stops by the Lumo booth at CES Digital Experience recently in Las Vegas to see what they are bringing to market to help you improve your posture and back health. The Lumo Lift is the second posture and back health improving product from the folks at Lumo.

The Lumo Lift is a wearable fitness device that tracks your activity level along with watching how you’re sitting and standing along the way. Humans spent a lot of time evolving to be mobile creatures but now we spend a lot of time sitting and standing immobile. The Lumo Lift works with a mobile app to help remind us to use proper posture which actually uses less energy and keeps us healthier.

The device is small and is worn using a magnetic clasp so it can be worn under the clothing or on top of it so the Lumo Lift can be hidden or worn proudly to announce your fitness awareness to the world. The Lumo Lift will be released in late spring 2014 and is currently available for pre-order at their website, LumoBodyTech.com for $69. It will retail for $99 in stores later this year. Get yourself the Lumo Lift now while pre-order supplies last!


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