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My ithlete Shows When to Exercise and When to Rest

My ithlete
My ithlete

Simon Wegerif of ithlete joined Chris and I of the TPN CES live broadcast. ithlete is a program that will help you on monitoring your body before and after a workout. If you are stressed out or not getting enough sleep, your exercise routine might not be as helpful.

The My ithlete program is an accessory app that attaches to your finger. You build up a baseline to give you an idea of how much exercise to do. If you see a green light, its ok to do an intense workout. Red light says you might want to recoup a little more.

The finger sensor was co-developed by the University of Sydney. A published report of the U of Montgomery found the app matched up ECG and medical setup diagnosis for athletes and their workout schedules.

For $85, you can get the sensor and app to start monitoring your vitals. To find out more, check out myithlete.com


Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and Chris Montera of Health Tech Weekly

MDLive: Virtual Health System


Randy Parker of MDLive joined the TPN CES Live broadcast. MDLive is a virtual health system – they have doctors, nurses and other medical personnel who can make a virtual housecall. They can even prescribe certain medications over video chat.

MDLive is HIPPA compliant. The physicians can be anywhere, however MDLive will send you to a location-certified physician to diagnose and prescribe. You can connect to doctors or therapists online.

Using mobile apps, they can get your vitals without having to touch you. This physician can become a liason to when you actually do need to go to a doctor. They cover over 3 million people and 2,000 physicians.

Everything is also recorded and encrypted. Therefore, if there is an issue they can pull up the videos. MDLive also is full malpractice covered.

For $49.95, you can connect to a specialist to talk. To find out more, check out MDLive.com


Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine and Chris Montera of Health Tech Weekly

TPN.TV Crowdfund Update #5

imabacker-560Its been a couple weeks, but we wanted to let you know about whats happening at TPN.TV.

We had another team meeting last week to try and get stuff nailed down. While productive, we still have a lot of work to do and only a month to do it. From which streaming company to use to how we are setting up the booth this year — lots to discuss…

T-Shirt Update

It’s time to start sending out T-shirts to those who have already donated. In the next 2 weeks I’ll be getting out emails so you can get your shirt.

If you still haven’t gotten yours yet, Donate $25 for a T-Shirt NOW!

TPN Live Broadcast Black Friday Special!

Only ONE available. With this backer level, you will be a daily sponsor of the live stream. Your 60 second call to action script will run 6 times during that day.

This is a great level for a SMB who plans starting a podcast, because you will get time from Podcast coach Jeffrey Powers to set up and get your podcast running. (Must supply travel and hotel if more than 50 miles away from Madison, WI).

T-shirt and Silver link on TPN.TV – Get it Now!

Do You Create After Effects Graphics?

We’re looking for someone to help us create a good intro for our show. It has to be under 6 seconds and use our videos and logos. Interested? Contact me at geekazine@gmail.com