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Great Call 5-Star Service for Your Elderly Loved Ones at CES

5-star-appYour Grandmother has fallen and no one’s around, what do you do? Well, if you have 5-Star from GreatCall.com you can rest assured that your Grandmother will get the help she needs and you’ll be notified as soon as it happens.

Jamie Davis, the Podmedic, host of the Health Tech Weekly podcast, chats with Krijn van der Raadt from Great Call about their 5-Star service that gives seniors living independently peace of mind with a connected system that can call for help when they need it. This gives them the ability to live alone while being monitored from afar by the Great Call 5-Star service.

In addition, 5-Star also offers Link, a service that allows your Grandmother, or other family member to include updates to you about their status including any times they’ve called for assistance. All of the updates come via a mobile device app on your smartphone or tablet so you can find out what’s going on right when it happens no matter where you are. This is perfect for family members who live at a distance from their loved ones.

Check out the 5-Star system from Great Call and the Link app over at GreatCall.com.


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