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Seal Shield Computer Keyboards Control Infection in the Dishwasher

SealShield_keyboardDid you know your keyboards at home and at work are the dirtiest places in our lives? Seal Shield knows and they’ve created the best solution out there, a completely washable keyboard line that’s actually dishwasher safe! Health Tech Weekly host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic got the chance to chat with SealShield CEO Brad Whitchurch in the digital health pavilion at the International CES conference this year about their brand new products for the office and home.

The Seal Shield line of washable keyboards is the perfect solution for health care workplaces where infection control is among the biggest concerns right now. By preventing the spread of infection, patients heal faster and are sent home sooner, reducing health care costs to all of us. The Seal Shield site says it best:

“Today’s active life is touch-dependent. Whether it is a computer keyboard or mouse, a TV remote, an MP3 player, earphones or cell phones, the technology that is so interlaced with all we do depends on touch. Yet, common touch surfaces can harbor bacteria and spread infection. As a result, consumers are looking to buy products that have antimicrobial protection …”

In addition to the keyboard line, there is also a complete line of mobile device protection products for tablets and smartphones. Brad and Jamie show several of the products in this video, showing off their water proof nature as they are submerged in a tub of water and still work like new. You can find the whole line of Seal Shield products at their website at SealShield.com. All of the products in this video are available now!


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