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Dusk Sport: Smart sunglasses with adjustable tint @ CES 2023

Ampere Dusk SportOne of the everyday items that the tech industry has become interested in is glasses. A lot of interesting ideas have come about surrounding glasses, such as adding Bluetooth speakers and headphones to the earpieces, or even guidance for visually impaired people, But, Amonpere has a new way of looking at glasses with their Dusk line of sunglasses.

What are Dusk sunglasses?

Dusk sunglasses are a new take on both the smart glasses concept and the transitional sunglass lens concept, all in a single product line. These glasses don’t use a photochromic lens film to transition from regular glasses to sunglasses. Instead, they use an electric lens film to make the change. This gives a number of interesting and unique benefits.

First, the glasses can be changed manually. This is accomplished either through a button on the frame or through your phone. On the frame, you can press a button and have it cycle through a couple of preset states. This can be regular glasses, full sunglasses, or several steps in between. From your phone, the same thing can be accomplished, but with a higher degree of granularity. You can also set the presets on some models from the app.

Another big difference is the ability to set a darkness level on a whim. Rather than being saddled by the sun and the rules created by the manufacturer, you get to respond to your environment as you please. Do you want to set the lenses to be full sunglasses inside in the dark? You can do it. Are you trying to look at something in detail outside and need clear lenses? You can do that, too.

However, if adjusting manually isn’t what you’re after, you can also activate the company’s InstaOptic feature. While this may sound like standard photochromic lenses, they respond differently. They use light sensors to tell the onboard computer that the light has changed. The user can then decide how to respond to these changes – they can be immediate, like other transition lenses, or they can wait for a period to ensure the change is permantent.

In addition to the lenses, the higher-end devices also integrate Bluetooth audio into the frames. Since you’re already connected to your phone, you might as well use the same devices to listen to music or podcasts while you walk or run.

The new Dusk Sport

The Dusk Sport model is the newest addition to the lineup. These glasses have all of the features of the regular Dusk sunglasses, but in a style that is designed for outdoor activities. It comes in two frame styles – Speed and Action. The lenses also come in a selection of colors, so you can make the glasses your own. These frame styles have become popular even outside of athletes, as they are fashion-forward and interesting looking.


The Dusk and Dusk Lite glasses are already available. The Dusk is available for $299 and the Dusk Lite is available for $199. The Dusk Sport is available through crowdfunding now with a retail price of $399, but a pre-order price of $279.

Interview by Daniele Mendez of The New Product Launchpad.

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Lighthouse Tech aims to improve safety for visually impaired @ CES 2023

Lighthouse Tech Visual Impaired Smart GlassesOver the past decade, it seems that everything has become smart. From lightbulbs to refrigerators, to even glasses, everything is getting smarter. In some cases, the benefits have been obvious, such as being able to control lightbulbs without having to go to a particular place in the room or having special wiring. However, some items being smart have mostly been gimmicky, like glasses. That is until now – as Lighthouse Tech has a new take on the tech, making it a truly useful addition for many users.

What is Lighthouse Tech?

Lighthouse Tech is a company making smart glasses for a new demographic – those with visual impairment. In general, smart glasses have included pretty pedestrian features, such as Bluetooth speakers or cameras. On the other hand, we’ve seen products like Google Glass, which were both ahead of their time and surprisingly useless.

Lighthouse Tech has thrown out all of those ideas and totally changed directions. These glasses are not intended to make you look techy. Instead, the glasses themselves look entirely like normal glasses. These glasses, however, are designed to help improve the safety of wearers with visual impairments by giving alerts and information about hazards that other safety measures generally miss.

In particular, the glasses are intended to find items outside of the range of a walking stick. This includes, but is not limited to, low hanging tree branches, street signs, store signs, and more. Specifically, the glasses look for things that are hanging or physically separated from the base to which they are attached.

How does it work?

The Lighthouse Tech glasses are designed to protect the safety of their wearer. This is done using front-facing sensors. These sensors are able to detect obstacles within the path of the wearer, as well as the distance between the glasses and the obstacle.

The glasses are able to provide feedback to the wearer through vibration. This is an important detail because, if the glasses are to be used on the sidewalk on a bust street, audible feedback, including beeps and speech, would be difficult to hear. In addition, audible feedback would make the glasses more obvious for their intention, possibly making the wearer more self-conscious about wearing them. The design of the glasses, which are traditional and low profile, are intended to go the other way. Thus, audible feedback would undermine the concept.

To improve feedback, the company also offers a small, connected bracelet. This allows the wearer to move the feedback from the temples to the wrist. For many, the wrist is a more sensitive area of the body and can help improve the awareness of the safety alerts.


The Lighthouse Tech glasses are currently in active development. The company is searching for beta testers to give the tech a try and give feedback. Once beta testing has completed, the company will finalize the device and bring it to market. To learn more about the company and the product, or to sign up to be a beta tester, head over to the company’s website.

Interview by Marlo Anderson of The Tech Ranch.

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The Vision Council Advances Technology for Healthy Eyes and Eyewear

LogoVisionCouncilThe Vision Council is a not for profit that is dedicated to really focusing in on all of the things that we can do to make our lives better through glasses. Maintaining healthy eyes through better designed eyewear is a passion for them. Chris Montera, guest correspondent for the Health Tech Weekly podcast chats with Mike in the Vision Council booth at the International CES show this year and they discuss how people can improve their eye health with the use of new, high-tech coatings for their corrective lenses, prolonging their eyesight.

One of the big things today in eye care  is what they call HEV or High Energy Violet light. Studies have shown that there’s a correlation between that and age-related macular degeneration by not blocking that light range out. Many of our computer screens put out a lot of this blue light range and it can cause damage to your eyes if it’s not filtered out by your lenses. Even people who do not use glasses could benefit through the long-term use of an HEV coating on a set of clear, non-corrective lenses to protect their eyes before the deterioration begins.

You can find out more about this and other initiatives from the Vision Council at their website, TheVisionCouncil.org. There you’ll find the latest in eyewear technology and eye health from this trade group representing your local eye care professionals in your communities.


Get more segments and coverage from the digital health pavilion at CES 2014 here at the Tech Podcast Network and at the Health Tech Weekly podcast with Jamie Davis, the Podmedic.

Gunnar Premium 3D Eyewear


Gunnar was at CES this year showing off their new lines of glasses for gamers, programmers and any other computer user. These glasses help reduce eye strain as you work. Of course, they are also stylish and cool to wear.

However, Gunnar also showed off their new 3D Premium Eyewear line. Glasses that work with different standards of 3D, of course, giving you a stylish look. The lenses are Circular Polarized, RealD™ compatible lenses.

After all, the worst thing that can happen is you getting a pair of 3D glasses from the movie theatre that have been worn before and a ding in the side of the frames makes wearing the glasses uncomfortable.

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine

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