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TPN at CES – Crowdfund Update #4 – F5 Live’s Nicholas DiMeo – The Donald Trump Backer Level!


This week, the crew from F5 Live: Refreshing Technology are the guest bloggers. They cover the games and the geek culture side of CES! Stay tuned for the new Donald Trump Backer Level!


We’re well into the TPN.tv crowdfund program and it’s been great to see the outpouring of support from those who have already backed our team’s coverage of International CES 2014!

Nicholas DiMeo with the Frag Dolls at the Lenovo Party, CES '13
Nicholas DiMeo with the Frag Dolls at the Lenovo Party, CES ’13

I’m Nicholas DiMeo from F5 Live: Refreshing Technology, one of the shows attending CES as part of th Tech Podcast Network. A big shout-out goes out to each and every one of you who have already backed our endeavor this year. For those who are curious and want to know more about what TPN is and what we do each year in Vegas, I hope this update will further clarify our efforts and explains how our coverage increases in popularity with each apssing year.

Co-hosted by my very good friend Scott Ertz, F5 Live is a one-hour weekly broadcast about gadget, Internet, gaming and media news that is relevant to you. We break down the sometimes confusing and fast-paced world of technology to make it easy for anyone to know why a press release or change in policy matters. However, when we hit the floor of CES with our cameras, we’re looking for the most unique, clever and creative products and ideas and do our very best to showcase them to you.

Co-host Scott Ertz, interviewing Nox Audio at CES '11
Co-host Scott Ertz, interviewing Nox Audio at CES ’11

This year is no different as Eureka Park, the start-up section at CES, has expanded to over 200 entrepreneurs and startups and has taken over several halls in the Venetian hotel. Last year we had the most fun covering the up-and-coming products that we’re now seeing launch this holiday season, so it’s only more exciting to us that we’ll have more to look at this time around.

My team and I are also really amped to cover the debut of the Gaming Showcase TechZone in the South Hall. With all of the best press outlets in the world all in one space, the Consumer Electronics Associations has now given gaming manufacturers a permanent place to show off the latest trends, new gaming accessories and ground-breaking peripherals. With over 10,000 square feet dedicated to gaming and with companies like AMD, Logitech, Intel, Nvidia, Sony and Orbotix all in attendence, anyone from the casual gamer to the hardcore enthusiast will not want to miss out on TPN’s coverage this year. This is a new console launch year, which means consumers will need to decide whether to spend money on new hardware, keep what they have, or maybe look at their PC to simply upgrade that instead.

And this is why our CES coverage really is unmatched. A team of 20-plus with varied interests in the many different aspects that reside within the Consumer Electronics Show make up the perfect recipie for you, the consumer and viewer. All of it comes together to make sure you don’t miss a single thing and you’ll be able to make an informed decision to purchase or not by the people that are passionate about the group of products you’re seeing.

Nicholas DiMeo in his element, talking about headphones other sound equipment
Nicholas DiMeo in his element, talking about headphones other sound equipment

That being said, we need your support. With your hard-earned dollars, you’ll become not only a financial backer in our efforts, but an integral part of our team. You’ll help us do what we absolutely love to do, which is covering cool tech products and to tell the world about them. If you’re still unsure about funding our team, I would encourage you to check out all of the updates from our other TPN team members.

You can also help by sharing this campaign with anyone who you might think would want to see the great coverage at TPN.tv. By using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN or even Google+, or by using the hashtags #crowdfund and #CESTPN, you’ll be helping us simply by spreading the word. If you’re already a backer, then I sincerely thank you for your support and I hope you enjoyed my insight into what I’m looking forward to this year at CES 2014. Stay tuned, because there’s more updates from us leading all the way to flying into Vegas.

Our founder of TPN, Todd Cochrane, resides in Hawaii and has always called our listeners and viewers our “Ohana,” Hawaiian for “family.” With this campaign, I look forward to welcoming each and every one of you into our Ohana, and together, TPN can continue our CES coverage for our family to enjoy.

If you prefer a video rendition of this post, albeit condensed, check this out.

Lastly, here’s one of my favorite interviews my team has done and is an excellent demonstration of the work we do here at TPN. You’ll see that down below the backer level update. I again thank you for your support and for reading my update.

Donald Trump TPN at CES Backer Level

We heard that Donald Trump’s team is reviewing all FundAnything projects and helping with some of them. Therefore, we added a special Trump backer level:

Right now we have plans to stay downtown to save a few $$. However, we would be more than happy to not only stay at Trump Towers, but also do some video at the Hotel/Casino. Interviews with staff and possibly yourself during CES.

You will also get hourly ads for Trump Towers (or another property of yours) during the live stream all week. Your ads will also be on post-produced content.

You will get 20 TPN @ CES T-shirts and personal podcast time with Jeffrey Powers and Todd Cochrane.

If you want to inquire about getting a special backer level made, Contact Todd.

Thanks to everyone that has backed our project so far!

TPN at CES Crowdfund Update #3: Cherie Cochrane on a Non-Techie Point of View

This week, Cherie Cochrane shows us what she sees as a member of the CES team. Cherie is the business administrator of the group – keeping the schedule moving like a well oiled machine. Also we’ll find out about a special backer level for a discount on the T-shirt!
Cherie Cochrane
Cherie Cochrane

Ever wondered why a non-tech grandma would volunteer to work 12 hours a day in a booth at CES in Vegas? The answer: the chance to help share the excitement of all the latest and greatest tools with you the viewer.

Coming from a farm in Michigan, this week is a nice release from the cold Michigan winter. Yet I’m not here to play – I’m here to help find the best companies to interview at CES.

Cherie at Breakfast
Cherie at Breakfast

I want to thank everyone that has supported CES 2014 action. We are asking those who haven’t to please help support this very expensive project that we love to do for you.   We want to continue to provide you with this wonderful coverage and will be so grateful for your contribution toward our effort.  By the way—If you watch closely you may even get a glimpse of me behind the scenes.

God bless you.


$15 T-Shirt Backer Level for 20 people!

This week we’re adding a $15 T-shirt backer level. This is a great chance to get a T-shirt and help us reach our $5,000 goal. Of course, this level is also going to get a link on the backers page. Only 20 of these available for the next couple weeks, so pull the trigger now using this link!

$100 Podcaster Level

If you have a podcast, this is a great way to get exposure! The $100 level gets you special mention on the Live Stream. 30 seconds with call-to-action. Your link will also be under “media supporter” Let your podcast be known by the thousands that watch our live stream action!

Special Request Backer Level?

Do you want to see a specific donation level? If so, let us know! We’ll put it in the list!

Thanks again to everyone that has helped kickstart this crowdfund! The $5,000 goal helps us cover travel and hotel. So feel free to re-back a level. After all – TPN @ CES T-shirts make great holiday gifts!