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Live-CES2011- Femtocells Extend Wireless Coverage Inside Your Home

Regardless of where you live in the country, it’s a good bet that you might have some severe coverage problems for your cellphone in your home. Our CES guests from the Femtoforum explain a solution. Cell tower placement and home construction materials can generate wireless dead zones. Femtocells allow you to increase the reliability of your wireless service by using you internet connection for backhaul of the cellular signal. A femtocell at home eliminates the variability of cell service, and generally can handle up to four connections from the home.

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CES Countdown 3 Big Thinkers

As a part of our Tech Podcast Network coverage of CES 2011, we are featuring a daily countdown of interviews, activities, tech zones, conference tracks and keynotes that will be included in our live coverage.

Femto Forum introduces the deep dive on wireless technology during our interview, and we look at Robotics, Smartphone Track, and Tablet Conferences.