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Stern Pinball Games for the Consumer

Stern Pinball Releases Consumer Versions
Stern Pinball Releases Consumer Versions

You like pinball games as much as we do so stick around and see what the pinball pros at Stern are doing to bring pinball machines to home consumers.


This is Stern’s first venture into consumer pinball machines. They are the only company in the world currently manufacturing pinball machines and now they’re bringing them into people’s homes. Stern wants to begin training a new generation of pinball enthusiasts by making the games more available to them.

These products are half the price of the least expensive commercial version but with commercial grade bumpers and flippers so that it doesn’t feel like a toy or cheap pinball machine. There are two consumer versions available now, Transformers and Avengers branded machines. They include multiball and many other “pro” features for half the price.

Video of Chris Montera by special arrangement with Health Tech Weekly (HTWeekly.com).