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TonDone: The easiest way to manage your facility services @ CES 2022

TonDone facilities managementIf you own a business, you know that there are some jobs that are really difficult to feel like you understand. Managing facility services, such as janitorial needs, can be a real challenge. For most of us, we simply have to trust that the job is getting done. We’re not around when it happens, and we don’t quite understand all of the details that go into the job. For those that provide the service, it’s even more important to know exactly what is going on at your clients’ offices. Fortunately, TonDone has created a product that gives everyone a better look into what is and is not happening in their offices.

What is TonDone?

TonDone is the solution to all of your facility service needs. With their mobile app, you can manage your team, get alerts from IoT devices, and control your business operations from your mobile device. TonDone makes work management simple so that you can focus on what you do best – running your business!

You’ll be blown away by how much TonDone can help streamline your business processes. From alerts sent straight to your phone to an intuitive mobile app designed with contractors in mind, TonDone has everything you need to take charge of your facility services. It is changing how businesses operate, making it easier than ever to track work, control costs, and delight customers with an amazing level of service.

How does TonDone work?

TonDone embraces the Internet of Things, creating a physical network of devices that help with proof of work. Using Near-Field Communication (NFC) tags, owners can verify that their facilities staff and contractors have physically been to the location, that they were there at the right time, and doing what is expected.

Of course, tracking the data is only part of the equation. Without reporting services, that data is completely useless. TonDone’s reporting services make it easy to get data out of the TonDone system and into a format that you can use to improve your business.

The system has an advanced reporting system that allows you to keep track of all of your staffers and contractors in near to real-time on your phone, computer, or tablet. This allows business owners and cleaning companies to keep track of what is happening, but also look for ways to improve the customer experience.

What are the benefits of TonDone?

The combination of tracking and reporting allows for a better understanding of your business. When your business is taking care of the offices of others, there are a lot of ways to improve the customer experience. Looking for efficiencies can keep the time down, as well as potentially the cost. You might also be able to identify employees and contractors that need more training because the amount of time they are taking on a project is far outside of your estimates and expectations.


TonDone is available now and in use by management with their clients. To learn more about the platform, get a demo, or try it for yourself, head over to the company’s website.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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IMUZAK: The future of interactive 3D communication @ CES 2022

IMUZAK Holographic InterfaceOver the past few years, we have all become more aware of the common items that we touch every day. Whether it’s the buttons on an elevator, the handle on a public toilet, or even the kiosk at your favorite fast food joint, we touch a lot of things that everyone else and their children have touched. And you absolutely know that those elevator buttons haven’t been cleaned. How can we solve this issue? IMUZAK has got the solution.

What is IMUZAK?

IMUZAK is a technology company based in Japan that has created a fascinating new technology. It’s designed to allow you to interact with technology without having to physically touch screens and buttons. Instead, it uses microlenses to project holograms into the air. While we have seen holographic projectors in the past, IMUZAK separates itself from those products by making them touchable.

The company uses microlens technology to project the images into the air. These lenses are designed to be small, so that they can be placed in tighter areas, such as in cars. It allows for the projection to be placed close to the user without the image being miniaturized because of forced perspective.

How can IMUZAK be used?

Take, for example, our elevator example. Rather than having a panel of physical buttons, the IMUZAK technology would create a panel of virtual buttons. The buttons would float above the physical panel, each presenting with the floor number, emergency call button, etc. Pressing the button in the air will be able to trigger the command attached to the action.

Another usage that is currently in place is controls for the bathroom. You could flush a toilet, turn on a sink, even control the lights, all without touching a single physical button.

Another great usage of this technology has nothing to do with cleanliness. Imagine these virtual buttons around the steering wheel of a car. As it stands now, we have physical buttons on the wheel, each doing a specific thing. Whether or not you’re receiving a phone call, there is always an answer button on the wheel, and it is always on the same part of the wheel, no matter what position it is in. With this holographic technology, an answer call button could appear at the top of the wheel only when you are getting a call. This would eliminate accidental activation while driving, while giving you easy access when you need it.

IMUZAK can also be used for non-touch purposes in the car. A perfect pairing of the holograms and a car would be a heads-up display, helping to display instrument panels and driving instructions. You could see the map from your GPS and even instructions on when and where to turn, all on your windshield.


IMUZAK is in active development with various usages planned. If you are a hardware developer looking for a unique way to control your devices, head over to the company’s website for more information or to contact them.

Interview by Allante Sparks of PLuGHiTz Live Special Events.

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CleanBox: The next innovation for clean shared devices @ CES 2022

CleanBox electronic sanitizationThe past 2 years have completely changed the way we look at public accommodations. In 2019, no one would have thought twice about touching a kiosk that someone had just used. But today, many people look at common surfaces and devices as if they are plague rats. Whether this approach to public spaces is itself healthy or not, it is not going away anytime soon. To help alleviate fears of public or common items, CleanBox has developed a quick and easy way to clean these items.

What is CleanBox?

Technology has the power to change everything. CleanBox is a company that wants to help people keep their devices clean and germ-free so they can safely use them with others. CleanBox uses UV-C light, which is an advanced form of lighting that eliminates all germs on surfaces and in the shadows in just 60 seconds. CleanBox is built around three core beliefs: technology has unlimited potential, we’re all connected through our devices, and it’s time for shared device sanitation innovation!

Using CleanBox technology, you can kill 99.999% of all contagions on shared or personal electronics within minutes. Simply place the device into the box and the process takes care of itself. The company offers a couple of different models for different purposes, such as the CX series for head-mounted displays (HMD), CleanDefense for face masks, and OmniClean for everything else.

Who is CleanBox for?

The technology is designed for anyone who is in charge of shared electronics. A great example is the headsets and wristbands for HADO with our partners at AMRoC Fab Lab. Every time someone plays the game, someone has to wipe down the headsets and the wristbands before the next group can play. At events, even with 3 sets, this can be a challenge.

In addition, the normal process means having wipes, which require the user to be perfect. Any missed spot means that a collection of germs survives. Also, it means a never-ending supply of wipes has to be used and then disposed of. Consumables mean higher cost per game and more time required to reset. By using a CleanBox, we could cut that reset time down and guarantee that no spots have been missed – a win for everyone involved.

CleanBox is also perfect for showing off devices at a trade show. Imagine a company demoing an audio-based technology or even a videogame that requires headphones. After each person wears the headphones, they’ll need to be cleaned before the next person uses them. This product would allow you to place the headphones in the box for a minute and get a nearly perfect pair of headphones in a minute.


CleanBox kills 99.999% of all contagions on shared devices. “No chemicals. No waste. No hassle.” It is the next step in shared device sanitation, and we can try it now. To learn more about the company, the products they offer, or to purchase one for your company, head over to the company’s website.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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