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Wellness and Activity Tracking From Polar Electro at CES

Fitness Trackers in the past have followed just steps or just heart rate or some other parameter. The gang at Polar Electro have come up with a solution that actively monitors multiple parameters for overall fitness and wellness.

Polar-electro-watchThe CES Unveiled event is jam packed full of companies exhibiting new technologies. Health Tech Weekly host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic attended to find the latest and greatest in health technology. He found the folks from Polar Electro and their Polar Electro A-300 sports watch and activity tracker.

Jamie chatted with Chris Zoller, senior product manager from Polar Electro, about the new A-300 that tracks fitness and activity with steps, running and similar things. It also tracks sleep, heart rate, and other wellness parameters to integrate both activity and wellness tracking into the same device. This has been one of the things that most fitness and wellness devices have not been able to do effectively.

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