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Future Seating wants to improve the way you spend your time @ CES 2021

X-Chair and Mavix Gaming chairsThe quality of the desk chair you use is incredibly important. We use them for work, for gaming, and even for downtime. However, too often, the chairs we use are really poor quality, or have been around too long (just ask Pam on The Office). But, now that many of us are working from home, we have the ability to choose our own chairs, and Future Seating has two lines designed to improve your life – X-Chair and Mavix Gaming.

X-Chair is a brand that has been around for a while and is focused on the office. The X-HMT is the model we were introduced to in the conversation. This chair sports a number of features designed to make the experience better. This desk chair offers massage capabilities, which are intended to maintain proper blood flow. You can use two levels of intensity, depending on how you feel. You can also choose between constant and variable modes. It also has therapeutic heating technologies, intended to relax muscles.

Mavix is a new brand and aimed at the gaming market. The company has taken all of its learnings from X-Chair and applied them to the Mavix line. It’s important because there are some capabilities that gamers might need that an office worker won’t. For example, Mavix chairs have the ability to lock the wheels. This is because physical reactions to in-game actions can cause problems in games. In addition, all models feature adjustable back, lumbar, seat depth, head and neck support, and tension recline, plus a cooling seating surface.

Chairs from both of the Future Seating brands, X-Chair and Mavix, are available now, with models ranging in price, depending on additional features. You can also get a variety of styles and colors. The company sells through its X-Chair and Mavix Gaming websites, and tries to ship product immediately upon order.

Interview by Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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XRocker for Your Man Cave

XRocker, the maker of multi-functional furniture for gaming, music, and DVD, has introduced a great addition to your “man cave,” a three piece set that is great for gaming or watching TV. This light weight set of furniture consist of a love seat, chair, and ottoman and would be a great addition to a gaming/home theater. The pieces are comfortable and built to be easily moved to fit the mood or lifestyle. Each piece has multiple pockets and openings to hold DVD/CDs, controllers, and even drink holders. There are at least 15 pockets in each piece, and some pieces having 100 pockets. The 3-piece set will sell for around $200 and available in late spring.

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