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Ford C-Max Solar Energi Project

C-Max Solar Energi car
C-Max Solar Energi car

I talked with Ford about this very interesting concept project they showed off at CES 2014. The Energi C-Max is a Hybrid car that could be partially charged by the panels on the roof. I talked with David McCreadie about this concept and if its going to become a production vehicle.

Standing in front of the C-Max project, the idea is to recharge the vehicle without plugging in. The panels are high efficiancy Monocrystalline cells. These panels also help charge the C-Max during overcast days. Add a Fresnel lens that can concentrate the sun on the panels and you can recharge the C-Max while you are hard at work.

It would be interesting to see this development in the coming years and the possibility of not needing a charging port or plug to keep your hybrid properly charged.


Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine