Achievement Unlocked: Hovergym replaced your gym membership @ CES 2023

LG Labs Hovergym home gymTrying to stay in shape can be a real challenge. If you know what you’re doing, you can have your own equipment. However, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you have to go to the gym and pay a membership fee, and possibly even a personal trainer. But, if you want to work out on your schedule at home and have the convenience of a trainer, LG has a new project called Hovergym.

What is Hovergym?

The Hovergym seems to be a useful and focused spin on Nintendo’s Wii Balance board. Similar in size to the balance board, this piece of equipment aims to be your all-in-one gym experience at home, completely guided and customized with their workout application. Hovergym combines the Hoverboard Hoverdisk with Hovergym’s patented Bionic Resistance Technology, creating a virtual reality fitness system that gamifies your workout. This device has a slim, pill-shaped design, that has enough surface for most people to stand on with their feet at shoulder width. There are two handles on the top surface, and those handles are what you will be using for the majority of your workouts.

The handles are attached with tension cables. These cables are designed to give what they are calling “time under tension” focused workouts. Most devices focused only focus on having tension one way, but the Hovergym gives you tension both ways, ensuring that you are evenly working muscles until you release the handles. These designers wanted to be sure that consumers would be able to customize their workouts as much as possible. There are many different workouts that you can do with the Hovergym, but you can opt to change out the two separate handles for a singular barbell to change things up.

On the subject of customizing your workout, the resistance weight can be easily adjusted via their integrated application. The weight can be adjusted to up to 220; but also, the application allows you to do things like set timers for each of your workouts or even set rep numbers for your sets. Also within the app, are instructional guides for your workouts. You can choose between various workout regimens, and it will give you a visual guide, a video of the workout, that shows you exactly how the maneuvers are supposed to be safely executed. As an added bonus, the screen can play a video of you, side-by-side with your virtual trainer, for more detailed coaching. You can even set challenges for yourself because we all know that goals are a key component for real progress.

Hoverdisk is the key component of Hovergym and it uses patented Bionic Resistance Technology. It uses an electromagnetic induction system that creates a virtual reality with real-time feedback on your performance. This is how information is shared to the application to track and grade your workouts, and how it learns what maneuvers you may be doing incorrectly in junction with your camera.


Right now, the Hovergym does not have a set date for release, but the estimated time of release is slated for an early 2024 timeframe. Similarly, the price tag for the Hovergym is also not currently determined. However, the current ballpark price is somewhere in the $1,500 range, according to Jacob. This seems like an easy buy for fitness gamers out there. With the ability to sync to your current device, keep track of your progress and set achievements for yourself, this can also appeal to tech-savvy fitness buffs as well. Stay tuned for more updates on the release dates and prices updates in the future.

Interview by Daniele Mendez of The New Product Launchpad.

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