On2cook: The world’s fastest countertop cooking device @ CES 2022

On2cook world's fastest cooking deviceDo you ever wish that you could cook a delicious meal with minimal effort? Have you ever felt like cooking is an impossible task and wished there was someone who could do it for you? Well, wait no longer! On2cook is the world’s fastest at-home cooking device.

How it Works

It works on the revolutionary Combination Cooking Technology which simultaneously combines induction, heat, and microwaves to cut your cooking time by up to 70% and reduce energy consumption by up to 40%. If this idea sounds familiar, you must be a fan of 30 Rock, because it’s very similar to the Trivection Oven that was introduced by Jack Donaghy on the show. The best part of On2cook? This one’s real!

Not only does this product make it possible for anyone to be able to cook a healthy meal in just minutes but it also preserves water-soluble nutrients, retains color and texture as well as consistency.

At-Home Use

Everyone has a night where they think, “Maybe I’ll just order out because I can’t be bothered to cook.” But ordering Uber Eats or DoorDash is expensive adds up quickly. With On2cook, you get the speed of delivery with the cost and quality of home cooking.

This device, which is slightly larger than an air fryer and looks similar to a waffle maker, can serve multiple purposes. It can be used as a traditional oven. It can be used as a convection oven. It can be used as an air fryer. It can even be used as a microwave. It can prepare rice in just 5 minutes, or chicken in just 15 minutes. With the Ai-powered app, you can get recommendations on how to use it better.

It’s also able to go the other way and replace slow-cookers. It can be set to slow cook, replacing a crockpot or sous vide cooker.

The On2cook also improves energy efficiency. The device is able to produce faster results and still uses 40% less energy to get the job done. All without losing the nutritional value of the food.

Because everything is self-contained, it also means less mess to clean up. There’s no splashing or massive cleanup.

Commercial Use

On2cook isn’t just for the home kitchen. The device can also be deployed in commercial kitchens, improving efficiency and costs. A restaurant could deploy several of these in a row and cook multiple meals at once, all improved by the built-in AI. However, if the chef wants to determine the specs on their own, that’s possible, too.

It’s also perfect for a portable kitchen, like a food truck. For a truck that takes orders and delivers the food to a location, the driver can set the cookers to prepare the food and, while it’s cooking, you can drive to the destination. For stationary food trucks, you could be preparing several meals at the same time, as opposed to a more one-on-one ordering process.

On2cook will address all gaps in the kitchen that impact work efficiencies, such as time management, recipe management, and ordering of ingredients.


The company expects the On2cook to be available on the market within the next 6 months, pending certifications. The device price is expected to be $500. Learn more about the product at the company’s website.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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