Fixbid wants to save you from bad home renovations @ CES 2021

Fixbid contractor hiring toolFinding a quality and trustworthy contractor can be an absolute nightmare. Almost everyone who has done home remodeling work has a story about someone involved in the project who was or caused a problem. When my family built an add-on to the house, we ended up with a large collection of issues (we still have one door we can’t use nearly 30 years later). But, the mobile app Fixbid wants those issues to be a thing of the past.

There have been contractor rating platforms before, but they never quite work. The problem has always been that the scores come exclusively from customers. And who takes the time to review someone? Unhappy customers or people being incentivized. Joe Lycett showed just how easy it is to become the top water purification system on Trust Pilot without ever having a product. The process is far too easy to game, making the scores fairly useless.

Fixbid set out to fix this problem by using actual certification metrics. Rather than just hoping that customer reviews are accurate (which they are not), Fixbid uses the American Rating Company as its basis. All contractors that are listed on the system are all Diamond Certified Contractors, giving a higher level of confidence in hiring them.

Of course, the goal of the platform is to help you pair up with a contractor that offers the service you need, whether it be electrical, plumbing, solar, and more. You can find, communicate, and even pay for the services all through Fixbid.

The service is currently available in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, with plans to expand that service area in the future. To learn more about the service or explore the available contractors, head to the Fixbid website. From there, you can register and download the app.

Interview by Christopher Jordan of The Talking Sound.

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