Albi Home M makes the perfect wine pour every time @ CES 2021

Albi Home M wine systemThe popularity of wine has grown leaps and bounds in recent years. A recent survey showed that wine is preferred to beer for Millenials in everyday situations. With popularity comes a renewed focus on innovation in the space. One of the most interesting changes coming to the wine market is from Albicchiere – Albi Home M.

Albi Home M is designed to be the perfect wine companion. Depending on who you ask, the lifespan of wine, once opened, varies, but is usually very short. In Italy, they’ll tell you that it’s vinegar within 24 hours. General wisdom suggests that it should be used within a few days. With the Albi Home M, you can keep wine good for up to 6 months.

The extended life is accomplished through the combination of a couple of advancements. The most important is the transition of wine from a glass bottle to a bag. The company is working with brands to offer their wines in these bags, but you can also transfer your own wine into a bag at home. You then put the bag into the machine, which sits on your counter. The machine itself is then able to take all of the excess oxygen out, helping to preserve the wine.

From there, the machine takes over all of your needs. It keeps the wine chilled, with three cooling modes – allowing you to keep it quiet, keep it drink-ready, or optimize power consumption using an AI-powered energy saver. When you’re ready for a drink, the Albi Home M pours for you, resealing the bag and removing oxygen again. And, best of all, it’s always the perfect temperature.

The Albi Home M will be available starting at $349. To learn more about the product or to sign up to learn when the product becomes available, head over to the Albicchiere website.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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