HairMax makes regrowing lost hair as easy as a ballcap @ CES 2021

HairMax laser hair regrowthHair loss is a common problem, but one that many people find embarrassing despite having little to no control over the situation. An entire industry of products and services has been created around the problem and its solutions. Some solutions come in the form of medications, which can have side effects and could even cause harm to people around you. There are transplants, but those are incredibly expensive and a little odd for some. We’ve seen devices, but many of them can be more expensive than people are able to afford. Luckily, if you suffer from hair loss, HairMax has a unique solution to the problem.

HairMax has been around for 20 years and is constantly looking for new ways to make its products available to more people. They focus on laser-powered solutions in a variety of configurations. There’s the LaserComb, which is exactly what its name sounds like. There is the LaserBand, which looks like a thick hairband with the treatment lasers built-in. There is also the PowerFlex Laser Cap, which takes the treatment lasers and builds them into a baseball cap. However, the design of the product caused a higher price than they had hoped, so back to the drawing board the company went.

The solution that came about was the Flip 80 Laser Cap. Rather than having the entire scalp covered in the specialized lasers, they cut the number down. How did they accomplish this? Straight down the middle. Rather than a single usage every other day that covers the entire scalp, you do two treatments every other day. You start with the lasers on one side of your head and then flip it around and do it again. In doing this, HairMax was able to cut the price to less than half of its full scalp sibling.

All of the company’s products are available now. The PowerFlex Laser Cap runs $1899, while the Flip 80 Laser Cap runs $699. To learn more about these products or to make a purchase, check out the HairMax website.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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