Follinic makes regrowing lost hair as easy as wearing a cap @ CES 2021

Follinic hair restoration capHair loss is a common problem for a large portion of people. We may immediately think of male pattern baldness, but females have hair loss problems, too. There have been many treatments over the years, from creams to pills, and even hair transplants. The results and price have varied wildly, and the side effects have as well. South Korean company IL Science has a new product designed to avoid all of these things – Follinic.

The Follinic does not use any internal intervention and, instead, focuses on the scalp itself. The product looks like a brimless baseball cap and fits the same way. Using various specially focused LEDs, as well as microcurrent, it is supposed to both prevent hair loss and stimulate follicles that have already stopped growing hair.

While the product has already been cleared by the FDA in the United States and has been on sale in South Korea, our guest Youngju Hwang personally questioned the efficiency of the product. So, she purchased one at regular retail and tried it out with her father. The results absolutely made her a believer in the product, having seen significant hair regrowth for her own father in just three months.

This experiment goes to show that, while we often question the efficiency of some of the products we see during CES, we aren’t the only ones. Even the employees of the companies themselves can be skeptical about whether or not their own products work as well as they are supposed to.

Follinic runs $699 and will be available through retail channels in the US soon. The company also offers a tonic and premium shampoo, both of which are designed to work together with the Follinic product to improve the results. For more information on the product line, check out the website.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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