ProMytheUs talent discovery promises a fulfilling future @ CES 2021

ProMytheUs talent scoutingVedica Jha, from Case Western University, is the founder of ProMytheUs, a talent discovery software tool. With research showing that 8 in 10 people are unsatisfied with their job and career paths, the tool promises a way to a more fulfilling future by helping people identify what they’re really good at, and connect with schools and jobs best suited to them.

ProMytheUs was inspired by sports talent scouting. Jha and her cofounder, both math majors, wondered why no one scouted for math talent the same way they scouted for baseball and basketball talent. Their platform initially focused on identifying mathematically skilled talent and has now expanded to 27 different fields of expertise.

Their talent identification is aimed at 7 to 22-year-olds, Jha says, because it’s much harder to tell someone who is older that they might want to change their academic or career path. Parents, by default, are their secondary market, although there is obvious potential for integrating into business markets.

The goal of working with youth and young adults is to find talent early and help them nurture that talent. While there are many personality-based tools like Myers-Briggs or strengths finders, Jha says there are no other talent-based software tools that can identify a person’s core talent, something that you’re naturally good at

There are three parts to the ProMytheUs process. The first part is the Find My Talent tool, a 3-8 minute assessment that helps the user identify or confirm their talent. After that, they can proceed to register their talent or register any of the 27 available categories if they don’t feel the one identified is accurate. Although their current rate of accuracy, Jha says, is 95%.

The third part of the process involves a series of questions the individual can answer about themselves, with a section for Testimonials from friends, teachers or family to share statements and stories about the individual, and an Evidence section, to upload things that showcase the person’s talent.

ProMytheUs seeks to be a one-shot stop for talent, and provides four different avenues of access, for students, educational institutions, companies, and recruiters, who can all access the talent database for their different needs.

The project is two-thirds completed. Users can currently find their talent on the platform and receive a talent report that includes two different scores that they’ve built a mathematical algorithm for – their secret sauce – that provides recommendations for the user. The final third of the project is called the Talent Lifecyle Plan and is being designed to give people a future projection of their talent progress based on milestones and suggested resources.

To learn more visit the website or call 312-989-4089 to connect in person.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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