Aladin by Domalys is improving safety in assisted living @ CES 2021

Aladin by Domalys smart lampAnyone who has ever been in a hospital room or assisted living facility is familiar with the standard light fixture over the bed. It provides light as well as a nurse call capability via a chain you pull. But, this fixture has remained completely unchanged for years and, more importantly, is completely passive. If something happens, you have to be close enough to the fixture to pull the chain or wait for someone to come by. Domalys has a solution to all of these problems with their Aladin lamp.

This light, which is currently focused on the medical industry, offers everything in the current light fixture, but with the added benefit of active reactions. Instead of having to manually turn the light on and off, Aladin does this for you. If you get up at night, Aladin turns on the light to help reduce the risk of falling. This is important because nearly 30 percent of older people have serious falls.

If you do fall, Aladin can detect the behavior and report it to the facility staff. This eliminates the need to pull a chain or push a button that you may not be able to reach. It also reduces the amount of time before a staff member can get to you to help you up.

The sensors are not only used for detecting falls, however. They can also be used to track behaviors, both day and night. This allows the system and facility staff to detect changes in behavior over time. Some of these changes, including increased bed lifts or lower sleep quality, can be indicative of other declines in health. Being able to detect these changes early can help reduce the lasting effects of these changes.

Domalys is currently working with facilities to implement the technology. For more information or to engage them to install the system, head to the company’s website.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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