Zibrio is here to keep you balanced and in good health @ CES 2021

Zibria balance trainingThere’s nothing worse than falling and possibly getting badly injured. Falling is the #1 reason for trauma deaths. Part of the reason many people fall is poor or improper balance. Zibrio, which looks and functions like a bathroom scale, has been developed for helping to find your area that needs attention.

Many times people aren’t even aware that they have a balance problem. Balance is defined as your postural stability, which means it’s your body’s ability to maintain an upright and stable position. That means standing, walking, or being active. The three things that make up this postural stability are sensory output, which deals with the inner ear and the bottom of your feet The second is a processing link to your brain or input, and the third is output which tells the brain to react.

They have commercialized NASA technology to help with finding balance problems. The technology was used with the astronauts inside their boots on the moon to make sure they had good enough balance for the mission they were on. Zibrio developers wanted to be able to help people find our where they had balance problem so that they could avoid falls and potentially serious injuries. They found that the company was 2-5 times better at finding high-risk problems than what the doctors were doing. Wanting it to be a friendly device, they made it available for in-home use as well as in your doctor’s office so you can use it daily, weekly, or monthly.

Your balance changes daily and with Zibrio you can track it and find out where you need to focus to improve it. There have been cases where elderly people have started out scoring very low and using Zibrio, have been able to raise their level of balance. This has been a great help in assisted living facilities where there is a high risk for falls. The senior population, which has a 28% chance of falling, is the group that needs to improve its balance. Some unfortunate ones never recover.

Zibrio comes with a consumer app, which shows such things as your sleep, and your stress level, both of which directly affect your balance. Knowing where a problem is part of the solution to keeping you upright and healthy. The measurements can be retrieved in 60 seconds and you will find out where you are on a scale of 1-10. The border of the unit lights up in the color that indicates the area of concern. Green is good, yellow is marginal, and red is the area you need to take care of.

The cost of this amazing product for the consumer is $299. For the clinical version that is used in your doctor’s office, the cost is $449. For more information go to the company’s website.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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