Skreeneo SoClean makes public touchscreens safe to use @ CES 2021

Skreeneo SoCleanIf you’re like me, you hate public touchscreens. Just the idea of touching something that someone else has been fiddling with seems gross. However, the technology is getting more common and will get even more common over the next few years at places like fast food, convenience stores, and grocery stores, as these places are forced into additional automation. However, the fear of touching public screens is even greater today, thanks to public health concerns. Fortunately, Skreeneo has technology that alleviates the concern while eliminating constant screen cleaning.

The Skreeneo SoClean technology uses silver ions to act as a barrier against bacteria. The ionized protection blocks the instantaneous growth and proliferation of microbes. When the silver ions come into contact with the bacteria, they prevent them from growing. With no reproduction path, the bacteria die in place, preventing them from spreading the disease to the next user, no matter the public health situation. It also prevents the devices from discoloring prematurely.

The SoClean technology is available in a variety of forms. The company offers unique kiosk and touchscreen solutions for business and display, with the SoClean technology pre-installed. So, if you are installing a new kiosk system, anything from self-checkout to autonomous hand sanitizing stations, you can have it be sanitary from the start. However, if you already have the technology in use, you can retrofit those devices with an add-on film.

As the demand for autonomous systems increases over the next few years, the importance of keeping those systems clean is going to increase. If you are working on a solution, for your business, Skreeneo’s SoClean technology should be part of your project research. To find out more about the company and its digital signage and SoClean technology, head over to their website for more information.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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