Deep Money is bringing the power of AI to personal investments Stock InvestmentStock markets can be a difficult beast for most people to understand. How do you maintain a portfolio be it a small personal portfolio or a full hedge fund, keep it diverse enough to protect itself, as well as profitable? It requires a lot of work, a lot of information, and the ability to make decisions based on all of that. People are okay at pulling all of that together, but computers are getting to be better at it. That’s where Deep Money comes in.

This artificial intelligence system is designed to watch for certain leading indicators across a stock market and make buying and selling decisions and predictions based on those indicators. Large investors, like hedge funds, use technology like this every day to manage their millions of dollars, but nothing lie it has never been available to the average investor. Now, everyone can have the ability to manage their money, no matter how much, without having to hover over a computer all day, every day.

Deep Money is so confident in their technology that they are putting their money where their mouth is. They believe that the only way to prove out the technology is to use it in live markets. As part of that test, they are developing an in-house hedge fund which will be the first-ever fully autonomous hedge fund in Latin America and will be built on their technology.

The platform also offers a robust API, allowing customers to build additional systems on top of the existing technology. This could be a custom reporting application or a complete way to manage and maintain your investments.

The platform is live right now in the US and India, with the company running live tests in the market. For more information on Deep Money, check out the company’s website.

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