MsBizWiz absolutely has a knack for making networking a lot of fun

MsBizWiz Jean ChowAs I’m sure most of our followers know by now, in between all of the long hours and hard work, our PLuGHiTz Live crew has a lot of fun while we are out and about, filming special events. It truly is wonderful to not only love the work we are doing but to also make an adventure out of everything that we do. And one of the best parts of our job is how we get to meet such amazing people along the way.

This year at Collision Conference 2019, we were very lucky to have had the most extraordinary volunteer in the Media Village, Jean Chow. Jean took such good care of us by not only escorting the guests that had signed up for interviews over to our booth but also bringing us suggestions for additional interviews as she met interesting people throughout her day. We quickly found out that Jean loves all of the same techie, start-up and production stuff that we do and is very active in her entrepreneurial activities. So as we got to a point in our day with an extra few minutes between guests, it was only natural to call her over to chat with us in more detail.

Jean has an extensive resume that includes being an Instructor at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies. In this capacity, she can really let her personality shine. She has a special knack to help people learn that connecting with others is a valued skill that helps build relationships. Through her workshops, students can view networking as a tool to learn and grow, not just as a necessary evil. She puts into practice what she refers to as “The Five Hacks for Powerful Networking” in her classes and can do so in the most fun and interesting ways. She brings it to life through story-telling, improv, and sharing networking best practices.

Many of us on the team now follow Jean on social media and, again, love how she brings her personality into her daily journeys. Make sure to watch Jean’s interview and you’ll see just how contagious her energy is. And to find out more, you can check out her website and also follow all of her adventures on Instagram.

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