Furnishr makes the moving process easier with room design services

Furnishr home furnishingOne of the most stressful things in life is moving. Finding a new place that you like, packing up your old pace, getting everything into the new place, plus trying to make sure you have the right furniture for yourself and the new space can raise stress levels to the extreme. Fortunately, Furnishr is here to take some of that stress off of your plate.

This platform is designed specifically to help you with the process of picking and installing the furniture for your new home. Working with their team through their online system, they will help you design your dream space, whether it be a single room or an entire home.

The process starts with a personality survey of sorts, which is intended to help determine the types of furniture that might interest you. This will help them determine where you fall on the design scale, from minimalistic to modern, as well as what pieces you are going to need for the space. Combining that information with a floorplan of the space they are working with, Furnishr will present you with a full setup, including alternate options for some of the bigger pieces. From there, you can pick what pieces you want to incorporate, and exactly how they will go into the space. You can even incorporate pieces that you already have and really love to make the space truly your own.

Once the furniture is chosen, the process is no longer in your hands. Furnishr will deliver, setup, and clean up, all within a single day. The whole idea is that, when you’re ready to move your personal belongings, like clothes and dishes, into the space, it is completely ready for you. And, since the company doesn’t work with retailers, your overall cost is 20 percent lower than buying furniture pieces individually.

Furnishr is available now for people to design their dream homes.

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