Clean and Plentiful: Complete Water Independence is Now Here

Zero Mass Water SourceWhile walking through the courtyard at the Las Vegas Convention Center this year during CES 2018, we came across an array of solar panels. We walked past them at least a few times without really thinking about it. After all, just about everything is going solar. Then the name of the business caught our eye: Zero Mass Water. And as we pondered the name, we were offered a glass of water. That also was not all that unusual, many of the companies offer you a bottle of water while you are at their booth. Before we could ask about their business, they started to ask us if we enjoyed the taste of the water and explaining how their water source could help us to eliminate the need for buying bottled water, etc. Sounded great, but where are they getting the water and what are they powering with the solar panels?

Introducing SOURCE: a Hydropanel that makes drinking water directly from sunlight and air. This is a truly renewal water source that doesn’t need infrastructure or electrical input. And you can generate up to a case of bottled water per day from just a pair of panels.

Tapped into the unlimited supply of water vapor in the air, SOURCE uses sunlight to power a renewable supply of drinking water. No more waste from bottled or filtered water. It produces pure drinking water and adds exactly the right minerals to optimize health and taste. These electrolytes make SOURCE drinking water delicious. Each SOURCE array is connected to their global network, which enables monitoring of your water production and performance in real time. You’ll also be able to see what sunshine and humidity are expected in the coming days. There’s even an active green light signal to let you know that SOURCE is keeping your water safe. And as a Water for Life member, you’ll get even more data and control over your array.

Most homes can replace all of their drinking water with a 2-panel array. The water flows into a 30 liter reservoir where it is mineralized for optimal taste, storing up to 120 standard bottles per 2-panel array. The price for the two panels and installation is approx $4,500.

This is not only an amazing product for those who want to be environmentally conscience, but imagine how sustainable, clean water will be able to help people drought stricken areas and undeveloped countries. The possibilities are truly exciting.

To get more information, please visit their website.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.
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