You Are Going to Love What Monster is Taking Over This Year

Monster ProductsMonster Products has a lot in store for 2018 and it includes what they’re calling a Monster Takeover. This Takeover has one goal in mind and that is to tackle new technology that Monster has not yet attempted. This includes but is not limited to music based voice activation, truly wireless technology, and new car sound systems.

Voice activation is coming to the music industry in the form of MonsterTalk. MonsterTalk is an all new take on requesting your music at a press of a button and a verbal statement using the AI music assistant, Melody by Speak Music. Monster brought this technology to life by debuting the use of a new 4- button ControlTalk sole purpose of activating MonsterTalk. This voice activation gives you the ability to have a truly hands free listening experience with no internet required.

The AirLinks are also new to the Monster 2018 lineup being Monster Product’s first truly wireless earbuds with a focus in sportswear iSport and the fashionable Elements. The AirLinks are equip with a strong Bluetooth performance for communication between the units and come packaged in a charging compact with the ability to recharge your headphones up to three times. The AirLinks iSport wil be available for $199.95; the AirLinks Elements will be available for $249.95.

Monster has one more major surprise up their sleeves and that is the product of a collaboration with Volkswagen in a new concept car that was unveiled on the first day of CES 2018. Monster created their first car audio system entertainment that has been implemented in the Volkswagen Concept R. At the CES Press Conference, Head Monster Noel Lee exclaimed, “Looks badass… and sounds better.”

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Interview by Daniele Mendez of The New Product Launchpad.
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