Tech Education from CodeCrew is Uplifting for Minorities

CodeCrewA major problem in the under-represented groups in cities is not being exposed to technology in any form. CodeCrew is a non-profit out of Memphis that teaches children to write software. What started as a summer camp in 2015, has grown to educating kids in middle school and high school with after school and in-school programs having 200 kids a week attend.

The in-school offers programs 4-5 days a week and a grade is earned as an elective class. The after-school program is once a week for 90 minutes a week on a semester basis. Some of the exciting things for them to learn are mobile apps, websites, programming drones and video game development. In middle school there is a comprehensive introduction to computer science with a focus on web development with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The high school level teaches JavaScript and Python for a semester each. The idea in reaching the under-represented groups will create diversity in businesses, and having that, will be 35% more financially beneficial. Businesses need diversity.

The programs are currently offered in Memphis and have hopes to expand to New Orleans.

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