Wimbify Provides Safe and Secure Travel for the LGBT Community

WimbifyMore than 50% of LGBT travelers do so all alone and that isn’t always safe nowadays. Now there is a mobile platform created for travel sharing called Wimbify. It allows you to find other people to become travel mates for safety.

In addition to traveling, you can be a Local Hero in your own city. These heroes are available to provide local tours for just a few hours or a couple of days. Wimbify has a recommended fee but the hero is allowed to set their own price. When you book a tour you pay a small booking fee and that is how they make their revenue. The Local Heroes are rated by the travelers who have used their services in order to be able to find the best match for you.

After being in business for 2 years the service is currently available in Milan, Italy and San Francisco, California with the next planned city being Berlin, Germany. The app is free and is available now for iOS and Android.

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