Get Excited for a New World of Data Analytics with Corterix

CorterixLarge sums of data can be difficult to gather, store, and decipher. Luckily, Corterix is fit to do that for you. The big data market isn’t providing usable data to it’s customers so Corterix is determined to store all forms of unstructured data into a SQL database and transform it into usable, structured data without being disruptive to the industry.

Traditional formats were built on a search platform, not a big data platform. Current versions have merely been pieced together over time which has created more of a work around environment than a unified and easy to use platform. This is where Corterix is different because they are built on a new and radically different concept. The platform has been engineered from scratch to swiftly ingest data of all types as well as index, compress and load it into a single, easily accessible SQL database.

And the storage capacity is amazing. Corterix is able to store up to 64 terabytes of data in a single cell of a database and can also store other formats such as videos. Data is constantly growing and as it gets larger, it needs larger databases to query and Corterix can provide that service.

Check out their website here for more information.

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