Fantastic Visuals Made From Hidden Data with Cinchapi

Cinchapi Data PlatformData, data everywhere but not a drop of reason.

As small and large business owners alike are looking to capitalize on the increasing amount of data that is available to them from multiple sources, it becomes increasingly difficult to properly analyze the figures to actually increase profitability. Let’s face it, it’s sometimes difficult enough to even try to figure out the raw data, much less turn it into something useable. The Cinchapi Data Platform has found a way to, as they put it, take your data “from cluster to clarity” by combining machine learning with human intelligence. Their approach makes it easy and intuitive to work with real time or conventional data for maximum results.

The software is able to decipher data from any source (including IoT) and quickly does the hard work of transforming it into usable information for your team to review without delay, while those conditions still exist. This enables businesses to make changes in design and process at the right times. In other words, strike while the iron is hot rather than resort to using dated information when it’s too late to capitalize on those conditions.

Cinchapi streams, examines, and stores definitive data generated in real-time, as well as from conventional, legacy, and proprietary databases and sources. Other features include a context aware, conversational interface; customized visualizations, data prep reduction and more.

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