So Lost In Love with Music at Gibson

Gibson GuitarsGibson is known for their prestige quality and innovation. They are constantly trying to impress their customers with the newest high quality sounding equipment that will set them aside from the rest. In the past year, Gibson has noticed that vintage guitars have a noticeably more comfortable feel and higher sound quality so they have teamed up with science to provide a 2017 guitar line up that focuses on new age vintage hollow body electric guitars.

Many players find themselves obsessed with the jazz guitars but might be focusing on something newer. The Electric Spanish (ES) 275 Jazz Guitar has the look of a classic, older jazz guitar but is integrated with a smaller, more compact design. This guitar plays beautifully clean jazz chords with clarity but still fits the modern player’s needs. The next guitar in the line is the ES 335. The 375 has a visual flare from its modern style finish and is destined to be played by the flashier guitar player that wants to stand out on stage. They also have the Vintage Style 375 that is modeled after the 1958 style with aged hardware and body binding and a thicker neck design.

Gibson takes pride in their new Premier line this year, too. This exclusive line of guitars is special because Gibson takes out a portion of the building process to bake the center block of maple wood to age the wood into what a vintage guitar should be. This process transforms the guitar into a lighter body with a more resonant sound.

Learn more about these guitars and find the guitar that speaks to you at Gibson’s website.

Interview by Daniele Mendez of The New Product Launchpad for the Tech Podcast Network.

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