Make Stunning, Exciting Music With Your Hands with Specktr

SpecktrModern DJs spend a lot of their time on a laptop keyboard and a small amount of their time on digital turntables. Unfortunately, this means that very little of their time is spent actually engaging with the music itself, and even less time engaging with their audience. Watching a DJ can be about as much fun as watching someone work in Excel.

Here to change that scenario is the Specktr, a Bluetooth glove that is able to control nearly any music application using a MIDI interface. Rather than a keyboard, mouse and scratchpads, an artist uses the motion of their hands in 3D space to raise and lower volume, transition between tracks and even insert samples. The whole experience is similar to watching Mickey Mouse in Fantasia, and it is truly wonderful for both the artist and the audience.

There are currently two different Specktr models: Specktr Play and Specktr Pro. Specktr Play is for beginners and music enthusiast. The Play model allows easy connection to applications and music software to learn, play and interact with your own music in a simple, and fun matter. On the other hand, Specktr Pro is designed for musicians and professional artists. The Pro model can create custom gestures for a unique performance. This unique and fun product looks to be a way to revolutionize music performances by adding more interaction between artist and art.

The models are available from the company’s online store. The Play model runs $194 for a single and $355 for a pair. The Pro models runs $302 for a single and $485 for a pair.

Interview by Daniele Mendez of The New Product Launchpad for the Tech Podcast Network.

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