MEElectronics Brings Some Unique Capabilities to Bluetooth

MeelectronicsMEElectronics may not be a brand you’ve heard of, but if you are a fan of Bluetooth, you might want to add them to your list of brands to watch. At CES this year, they showed off a collection of new devices, all with price points that make them incredibly attractive.

First is an over-the-head headphone, called the Air-Fi Touch. Other than the single power/command button, this Bluetooth headset is controlled entirely with touch gestures on one of the ears. It can run over a day on a single charge while still being incredibly light weight. They are available now for $99.99.

Next is the Bluetooth upgrade to the company’s Sport M6 earbuds, dubbed the X7. The headphones are sweatproof and also fit snugly in the ear, allowing for continuous sports use. They also have controls for volume and command on the cord, so you can keep your phone safe while working out. They will be available soon for $99.99.

In addition to headphones, the company also showed off a Bluetooth transmitter, which allows you to add Bluetooth capability to systems that do not have it. The thing that is really nice is that it can pair up to 2 separate headphones at once. It also has line in or fiber optic in, allows you to keep a digital signal from end-to-end. The device is expected to release end of second quarter.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology for the Tech Podcast Network.

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