XOEye Brings Augmented Reality to Industrial Workplaces

xoeye-logoThe folks at XOEye are leveraging existing wearable technologies to bring that functionality to new marketplaces that have not been served by the consumer electronics industry before. They are targeting industrial and manufacturing marketplaces where the new wearable technologies can be used to provide increased functionality to an existing workforce.

Imagine a supervisor on a manufacturing floor who needs to locate a specific part of the equipment or machinery that performs a certain process. Using wearable augmented reality technology, that supervisor can bring their manufacturing floor plan up on a heads-up display in front of them and zero in on the targeted area to see exactly where on the plant floor they need to travel and what part of the machinery needs their attention.

Similarly, a home repair technician performing maintenance can bring up previous maintenance reports when fixing someone’s furnace or water heater. The opportunities for this type of technology are endless. Find out more about XOEye at www.xoeye.com.

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