Phonotonic – A Strangely Shaped Digital Musical Instrument

PhonotonicAt CES, there are a few categories that products fall into, like productivity or wearables. One of my personal favorites, however, is the truly odd and wonderful, which describes Phonotonic. This product is a honeycomb-shaped object that, when paired with a phone, allows you to create music.

With a single item, you are able to create lead. By adding a second item, you can add rhythm. It is all accomplished through motion sensors, like accelerometers, paired with an app that is able to translate those motions into sounds. Softer motions produce softer sounds; harder motions create more intense sounds.

After seeing the product from a distance, I was skeptical. Nicolas Rasamimanana, founder and CEO demonstrated their usage, however, and completely changed my mind. The product is currently available only in France for 80 euros, but will be coming to the rest of the world soon.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live: Refreshing Technology for the Tech Podcast Network.

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