Kodak Makes the 360-Degree Selfie happen at CES

Kodak logoWe humans have been capturing the events of our lives thru the camera lens for nearly two centuries. But there’s always been one problem: How can we record the action around us and still be photographed as part of that action? The folks at JK Imaging may have a solution. Marlo met with Paul Meyhoefer, Vice President of JK Imaging, as Paul demoed the new Kodak PixPro SP360 camera.

The SP360 gives away its big selling point in the name, as the camera records a 360-degree view around itself. No more will it be necessary for a camera operator to look thru a viewfinder and thus, be left out of the action.

The PixPro SP360 works with both Android and iOS, and the photos/videos captured by SP360 can also be exported to a computer for more complex editing. There’s also a range of mounting kits for the SP360 so the camera can be used in rugged outdoor environments or even underwater.

Interview by Marlo Anderson from The Tech Ranch.

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