iRing the First Motion Control Device for iOs

ir2iRing is the first motion control device that works with the iPhone and iPad. It will work with various music apps including The Groovemaker and VocalLive and more. The iRing FX/Control app runs in the background and talks to the other app, meanwhile the iOs camera picks up and follows the motion. The ring has controls on both sides. Instead of moving your fingers back and forth on the apps. You control the beat by moving the ring back and forth over the apps and the pitch by moving it closer and farther away from the app that you are using.

The iRing can be used by someone who knows very little about music but also by an experience musician. Although right now the ring just works with music apps that IK Multimedia has created, but according to IK Multimedia there is no reason it shouldn’t work with other types of apps. They are offering an SDK and licensing to app developers in hopes that more apps will be built that use the iRing. The iRing will be available starting the 1st quarter of 2014. It will cost $25.00 for two rings and the utility app.

Interview by Don Baine, the Gadget Professor.