Workfit Standing Workstations from Omnimount Improve Health at CES

Workfit_OmnimountStanding while working at a computer or desk has been shown to improve health outcomes including weight loss, improved cardiovascular health and a reduced risk for onset of diabetes. The folks at Omnimount have come up with another great solution in their line of sit-stand workstations. The latest in their product line is the Workfit riser arms for desktop and laptop computers. The Workfit-A is specifically designed for Apple iMac computers, securing the base in the desk stand.

The Workfit is designed to be mounted on any standard desk or workstation via the cable-run hole in the desktop. The mounting arm includes a keyboard tray for the desktop model and all of them can be raised or lowered from sitting to standing height. Now you can take your own desk, whoever made it and make it into a standing-sitting workplace, improving your health and fitness levels. Find out more about a sitting/standing workstation lifestyle at and see what you can do to improve your health through just a few simple working and lifestyle changes.

The Workfit-A and other models will be available later this spring and will retail starting at $649 which is a small price to pay for a way to improve your health every single day. As Health Tech Weekly host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic says all the time, “getting healthy just takes small, simple steps that, over time, all add up to a healthier you!”


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