Award-winning podcaster, Daniel J. Lewis, to cover CES2014

I’m Daniel J. Lewis, award-winning podcaster, podcast consulting, and Internet entrepreneur. This will be my second time cover the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Now that I’ve attended once before, I know a lot more of what to expect and what kind of stuff to share.

I specialize in teaching people how to podcas with The Audacity to Podcast and I also offer a hardcore course to help current podcasters podcast from average to amazing.™ At CES2014, I’ll highlight the items that the hobbyist and professional media producer would love to see—podcast, audio or video production, and more.

We—independent content creators—also love to consume media, so I will look for the technology that will enhance your own entertainment and education through technology.

Since we’re all geeks, I’ll also watch for the cool gadgets that you would love to have.

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