Dakim Brain Fitness Helps the Aging Brain

Dakim Brain Fitness Improves Cognition
Dakim Brain Fitness Improves Cognition

Have you ever wanted to know how to make your brain more powerful? We’ll show you that here from CES 2013 with Dakim Brain Fitness system.


Dan from Dakim Brain Fitness joins Health Tech Weekly guest host, Chris Montera to talk about how their system helps older adults maintain brain fitness and agility. It helps baby-boomers and senior citizens maintain their cognitive performance as they age. Older members of the community look forward to being engaged and vibrant members of the community and using tools like the one from Dakim Brain Fitness, they can expect to.

The Dakim Brain Fitness System is clinically tested with a broad range of stimulating activities designed to help people improve their memory, language abilities, attention, focus and concentration. With continued use over time it can help protect them from the deleterious effects aging can have on cognitive function.

Video of Chris Montera by special arrangement with Health Tech Weekly (HTWeekly.com).