Consumer Pinball Machines from Stern Pinball

Stern Pinball at CES
Stern Pinball at CES

Stern was at Digital Experience where we learned they have a consumer line of pinball machines. This is for the person that wants a working machine in their home without having to refurbish or build one themselves. Best part is Stern has licenses for big brands like Transformers and Avengers and also try to mimic the commercial machine.

Machines that weigh 125 lbs and are smaller but still have the quality of a commercial machine. Tilt, multiball, 2 player scores, audio and sound effects. Best part is it’s backed by Stern Pinball who have been making pinball machines for years.


Machines start at $2499 and come in 3 grades of machine. They are better than those table-top machines we saw as kids growing up and I could see many a man-cave with a Stern machine. (

video by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine

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