Polk Audio Delivers Wireless Surround Sound

Todd talks to Al Baron from Polk Audio which has introduced an incredible 82 new products in 2010. Polk Audio provides high quality audio components for a range of different of environments. Not just the home, but auto, marine and outdoors.

A couple of highlights from the year includes Wireless Surround effects speaker which replaces the rear speakers with single unit. As it’s wireless no cables are required except for power. Available now for $399.

Continuing the surround sound theme, the PolkAudio SurroundBar delivers surround sound from a single unit and pairs well with flat screen TVs to give a big audio experience with minimum of fuss. There’s just one cable from the TV to the speaker. Starts from £349.

PolkAudio also have a range of subwoofers that are wireless ready so they can start off wired and then be converted to wireless with the addition of $99 module. Very easy to use and keeps your investment going for that little bit longer.

Finally, Al talks about the Blackstone TL series of compact home theatre speakers. These are small powerful speakers for home audio that pack a punch and give big sound from a small box. A 5.1 home theatre system runs $499 upwards.

All products are available now.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central

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