OLED Name Tags

Looking for a cool way to advertise yourself or your business then a video name tag maybe the perfect thing for you. Using OLED technology name tags are extremely thin only 2mm thick and have a 2.8 inch scratch resistant screen. There is a 180 degree viewing angle and the resolution is 320x 240. They can last from 6-10 hours in continuous play. The device will holder up to 2GB of video. The video is a proprietary format, but it will convert Wave, MPEG, AVI, and Flash video. You can either play a single video or a playlist in a continuous loop, there is a pause and replay button. To switch videos or playlist you simply switch to a new folder. These tags can be found at Video-Name-Tag. The package cost $198 and includes the video name tag, a lanyard, a USB cable/wall charger, a magnetic fastener, a carrying pouch, the conversion software, the instructions, and a reset pin. Video-Name-Tag is backed by The Recon Group and is part of their PowerView products. The Recon Group has been in business for 15 years and is a leader in point of purchase and retail marketing. These tags were a hit at CES 2011 and for a good reason with these tags you can advertise your business or yourself in a new and exciting way for not much cost.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central

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