Epocit Dual Sided Apple Accessory Magnetic Case Holder!

One of the biggest problem about carrying the iPod or Nano around, especially if you are a runner or walker is that they are too easy to drop. Which can lead to broken screens and other damage. One solution is being offer by Epocit which is offering a dual magnetic case for the 4th generation iPod and fifth generation Nano.

They expect to have a case for the iPhone sometime in 2011. You slide your iPod or Nano into the one sleeve and then stick the other piece inside your cloths where you want to carry it. Place the iPod or Nano with sleeve on top and it will stay. Since it weighs only 4 oz you hardly notice it. You can run, walk, dance, do what ever you want and it will not come off. Need to change something on the device, just pull it off along with the top sleeve, make the change and slap it back on and you are all set.

If you turn your device around so the front glass is facing the sleeve, this will protect the glass on the device if you happen to drop it when you are switching location.

So if you are a bit of a klutz or are rough on your iPod or Nano the Epocit maybe exactly the case you are looking for. Epocit says they are still working to get distributors for the case but expect it to be available for around $29.00 at multiple stores, and will come along with an optional arm band.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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