Toshiba Glasses Free 3D TV

Toshiba was demonstrating lots of 3D TVs in their booth at CES. 3D was the big buzz word at last year’s CES show and I wasn’t impressed.

This year all the major companies were showing 3D TVs and the technology (and price points) have improved. There are a number of issues surrounding 3D: cost, lack of content, multiple 3D technologies, and having to wear the stupid 3D glasses.

Well, Toshiba was showing off a “glasses free” 3D TV. The demo was interesting but you could tell it’s was a first generation product. You needed to be right in front of the display to see the 3D effects and it still wasn’t as good as viewing with glasses.

I don’t believe “glasses free” 3D TV (or 3D TV in general) is here for everyone, but there’s always next year.

Interview by Tom Newman: Fogview Podcast

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